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Director of Technology

Stop It Anti-Bullying Program


Taos Municipal Schools cares about student safety.

Help our District. Anonymously report bullying!

STUDENTS! - Access Codes to register are available by request at your school's office. 

Taos Middle and High School and Cyber Magnet are using STOP!T to Empower and Protect Students. Click to learn more.


TMS Mission



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Network Administrator




The Taos Municipal Schools Technology Department Network Operations Center is located at the Taos High School 134 Cervantes St, Taos NM 87571 (575) 751-8081

The Technology Department works with the Superintendent, Leadership Team and Committees to guide Strategic Planning around procurement and use of technology at the District and School levels. The Technology Department staff handles the preparation, distribution and inventory, management and repair/replacement of District-issued technology hardware and software.

The Technology Department staff provides for the School District's Electronic Information Services (EIS) needs. The Taos Schools Policy states that these Services shall be in support of education, research, and the educational goals of the District. To assure that the EIS is used in an appropriate manner and for the educational purposes intended, the District will require anyone who uses the EIS to receive instruction in and follow its guidelines and procedures for appropriate use. Instruction in appropriate online behavior shall include how to interact with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms and cyberbullying awareness and response. Anyone who misuses, abuses, or chooses not to follow the EIS guidelines and procedures will be denied access to the District's EIS and may be subject to disciplinary action.

See our Board Policies for more on our District Technology Policies.